Connecting TradingView to CoinbasePro

Connecting TradingView Alerts to CoinbasePro

This guide shows how to connect your TradingView webhook alert to CoinbasePro for automatic trading


1. CoinbasePro exchange configured under Accounts menu

2. Active subscription

3. Minimum TradingView Pro subscription to send Webhook alert

Step 1. Configure Signal

Choose Signals from left menu, a signal is tied to a particular subscription. select your active subscription and click on a signal that you want to configure

Set a descriptive label for the signal

TradingView Alert needs both Webhook URL and JSON message. Note the Signal Webhook URL and Signal JSON message, you need them in step 2

Step 2. Configure TradingView alert

Open TradingView, create an alert if you dont have one. This article uses freely available Vumanchu alert applied on BTC 5minute time frame

for Alert actions select Webhook URL, copy and paste in the Signal Webhook URL from step 1

for Message field, copy and paste in Signal JSON message from step 1

Step 3. Run bot on Paper mode to test

On the left menu choose Script, then choose Public. from the list choose TradingView Signals Spot Trading

On the right side click on Parameters pane where you see the strategy asks for entry (buy) and exit (sell) signals

Set entry and exit signal to previously configured signal from step 1

this guide assumes same signal for both entry and exit. If you use two different signals then you need to configure your TV alert to send two different JSON messages

Click on Deployment tab:

Set Environment to Paper

Set Exchange to CoinbasePro

Set Instrument to BTC/USDT

Choose an active subscription

Click Launch

Step 4. Verify incoming signals, and entry exit orders

On left menu click Bots, find and click corresponding paper-trading bot that we just launched.

Click on Deals tab, entry and exit orders will be displayed here

Click on BotLogs tab, incoming signals will be logged here

Step 5. Run bot on Live mode

Stop previous bot from step 3, Repeat step 3 but with environment set to Live