BTC Price Prediction for June 9th 2022

Will Bitcoin retest $50000 or crash to $30000?

May 4, 2022
bitcoin price prediction june 9 2022

Bitcoin just dropped about 22% in the last few weeks, with every dip comes buying opportunities. The big question right now is price of bitcoin continue dropping to a new support level or will it break resistance and continue upward to retest $50000?

Our analysis for Bitcoin price before end of June 9th, Bitcoin is still moving within falling wedge, it has a strong resistance at $40000 and there is 10% probability of the price breaking wedge and retest $50000.

Our analysis predicts bitcoin will break falling wedge with 60% probability. price will retest $30000 support, this is a good opportunity to DCA your holding.

This article is not financial advice, please do your own research

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